Plan and Migrate using ConfigSnapshot

WIth is essential that changes to the E-Business Suite are controlled effectively but traditional methods, such as manually documenting all changes prior to applying them and then manually repeating the changes in multiple environments, are time consuming and prone to human error.

ConfigSnapshot allows organisations to streamline the process for planning new and changed configuration as well as simplifying deployment across many environments.

For simple setup changes it is not necessary to manually document the changes prior to making them to an initial environment. ConfigSnapshot enables you to capture the existing setup data prior to making the change and then, once the change has been completed, to automatically document the changes made, removing the need for duplication.

For more complex changes prior planning is essential to ensure the correct setup is configured in the applications. Traditionally this was achieved by manually preparing setup documents and then once they had been reviewed the setup manually entered into the environment itself. Among the issues faced when planning using manual documentation are:

  • It is difficult to review complex changes in a static document as setup can often span many pages and is not laid out in a format that makes analysis simple
  • Even where the document is thought to be accurate, the setup must be manually entered into the target environment and there is no easy way to subsequently compare the entered setup against the manual planned document
ConfigSnapshot Plan/Migrate Flow Image

ConfigSnapshot includes a flexible planning capability that enables you to define and review setup data before it is entered into the E-Business Suite. Data can either be manually entered in to the plan or existing data can be extracted selectively from an environment and subsequently modified in the plan.

Reporting of ConfigSnapshot plans is as flexible as reporting against environment data, meaning the planned configuration can be thoroughly checked for consistency and correctness prior to deploying it to the E-Business Suite environment.

Once the planned configuration has been verified it can be organised to define the order in which the setup should be applied to the target environment and any detailed instructions that should be followed during set up can be included. For several areas is it possible to load configuration from the plan into the E-Business Suite environment rather than manually re-keying data.

Once configuration has been entered in the target environment it can be directly compared against the plan to ensure all setup was completed correctly.