Compare using ConfigSnapshot

Even the simplest E-Business Suite implementation will consist of at least three environments (Development, Test and Production). Many organisations, however, will have many more environments than this basic set up. It is critical that all environments are kept in synch over time to ensure that changes are correctly and efficiently deployed. As the number of environments increases so does the complexity of managing them.

Being in synch does not mean that all environments are identical. Certain setups will reflect the specific environment they are associated with, some setup may yet to be deployed and some setups may have been created for specific test scenarios and not required in other environments. However, it is important to be able to quickly identify any differences that do exist between environments and ensure that they are expected.

ConfigSnapshot provides comprehensive comparison capabilities to help you understand where differences exist:

Compare two or more environments

Compare Across Environments Image

Compare across multiple entities with or across environments (Operating Units / Sets of Books / Ledgers / Inventory Organisations etc.)
Compare Entity Image

Compare across different versions of the E-Business Suite during upgrades and patching

Compare E-Business Suite Versions Image

Comparisons are flexible so you can choose the level of summary of the reporting:

  • Summary showing only the differences found
  • Summary showing full details of each records where at least one difference has been found
  • Full setup shown with differences highlighted