Analyse using ConfigSnapshot

Beyond simple documentation, ConfigSnapshot provides comprehensive and flexible analysis of setup data. Rather than providing a “one size fits all” reporting approach, ConfigSnapshot allows you to target the data you wish to report, based on the specific business requirement, and to format the output in the way that simplifies comprehension and use of the data.

For regular reporting requirements ConfigSnapshot provides several methods by which you can create predefined reports without the need for any coding. These reports can be run either on an ad-hoc basis or by scheduling them –individually or as part of a set.

General analysis capabilities include:

  • Flexible filtering to focus on specific records, including complex conditional criteria
  • Differentiation of seeded data from implementation specific data and the ability to include or exclude seeded data
  • Differentiation of active and inactive data and the ability to include or exclude inactive data
  • Ability to target data created or updated since a specific date or by specific users
  • Ability to select exactly which data levels and fields are reported for any configuration step

Specific analysis reporting is also provided as standard within ConfigSnapshot including:

  • Customisation identification – automatically report over 35 different types of customisation
  • Customisation impact analysis – report database objects affected by major or minor upgrades referenced in customisation code; including providing an annotated version of the code highlighting where the objects have been used
  • Patch impact analysis – identify all components affected by the application of one or more patches
Customisation Impact Analysis Image

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