Upgrade using ConfigSnapshot

During E-Business Suite upgrades there are particular challenges that organisations must overcome to ensure a successful upgrade project. ConfigSnapshot is able to assist organisations throughout the upgrade project including:

Customisation Identification / Impact Analysis
Most E-Business Suite systems include customisations that may be affected by database changes during the upgrade. These customisations must be identified and assessed whether they will be retained and, if so, whether development work will be required to ensure they continue to work correctly.

ConfigSnapshot is able to identify over 35 types of existing customisation and present them in an easy to understand format enabling project teams to assess whether each individual customisation should be retained after the upgrade. This allows a comprehensive test plan for customisation areas to be established early in the project.

Further, ConfigSnapshot is able to determine the likely impact of the upgrade on each retained customisation showing each affected object referenced in the code and highlighting in the code itself each instance of the object.

Understanding the Effects on Application Setups
There are several possible effects on application setups during the upgrade process; these include:
  • Existing implementation setups are modified or lost during the upgrade. For example, custom concurrent programs in a seeded request group may be lost if Oracle replaces the seeded request group with an updated definition.
  • Seeded data will be modified which may have an effect on the associated business process and new seeded data may also need to be considered.
  • Oracle will automatically create new setups in R12 based on existing implementation specific setups in 11i. For example, the new E-Tax model will be generated based on setups in several 11i modules.

ConfigSnapshot enables you to directly compare application setups as they were in 11i and as they are now set in R12; allowing any changes or additions to be easily understood. Teams can quickly determine what actions are required to deal with any unexpected effects and to plan effectively based on other changes.

Understanding the Effects on Security
Special attention should be placed on the effect of the upgrade on security access within the application. The introduction of new forms, functions and concurrent programs and the associated effects on menu structures and permissions can lead to users automatically gaining access to functionality that should be controlled.

ConfigSnapshot includes several reporting options to enable project teams to identify all new components to determine which require control and which users have inherited access to these components during the upgrade process.

Managing Multiple Iterations
One of the key challenges to upgrade projects is the ability to accurately repeat all required steps during each iteration. A missed step could have serious consequences to the success of the project. ConfigSnapshot enables you to directly compare the setups of each iteration of the upgrade process quickly identifying any differences.