Support using ConfigSnapshot

ConfigSnapshot’s capabilities are applicable to the entire lifecycle of the E-Business Suite and this includes day-to-day management of the system. Often this is an expensive operation for organisations; in many cases the cost of keeping the system running “as-is” is such that organisations do not have sufficient budget to devote resources to improving the business benefits delivered by the system.

ConfigSnapshot can help support teams manage the system more cost effectively, either helping reduce costs or enable organisations to spend more of their allocated budget in improving the benefits to the business.

Fixing Issues
Fixing issues is a commonplace part of managing the E-Business Suite; whether this is resolving application bugs, changes made by users that have caused a problem or addressing an incorrect setup. Too often we hear phrases such as “It works on the test environment” or “It worked two weeks ago” - usually heralding a “needle-in-a-haystack” hunt to work out either what is different between two environments or what has changed since a process last worked successfully.

ConfigSnapshot provides capabilities for support teams to much more quickly investigate issues by targeting analysis on specific application areas, both via its flexible reporting or using the online inquiry options that provide the ability to review all setups within a single reporting framework rather than having to navigate through the complex menu structures of the application. The online inquiry provides much greater information about the setups and displays them in a format that makes understanding them far simpler that the standard application forms.

In addition support teams can also take advantage of ConfigSnapshot’s baselines to be able to determine whether any setups have changed since a particular time.

Monitoring Setups
Organisations often have policies they wish to enforce while managing their systems. For example, they may wish to ensure that every user has to change their logon password at least once every 30 days. However, many of these common requirements are not provided as standard within the E-Business Suite and organisations are reluctant to continually define further customisations to meet the requirement, due to the development time and the on-going management of customisations.

For regular reporting requirements ConfigSnapshot provides several methods by which you can create predefined reports without the need for any coding. These reports can be run either on an ad-hoc basis or by scheduling them –individually or as part of a set.

System Administration
Depending on the size of the implementation and the rate of change in users of the system, system administration of the E-Business suite can be a full-time role in managing users and their access. There are several areas that affect who is able to access what and the standard reporting is very limited and provides no capability to easily review changes made over a particular time period to enable these changes to be verified against change control requests.

ConfigSnapshot provides a wealth of reporting for these areas to enable System Administrators to more easily manage the user base.