Rollouts using ConfigSnapshot

In addition to the benefits highlighted for implementation projects, ConfigSnapshot provides some further benefits when rolling out new entities (operating units, ledgers etc.) within the E-Business Suite. In many cases new entities are based on existing entities, with key differences for specific legislative or business reasons.

Reviewing Existing Setups
When preparing to create a new entity ConfigSnapshot provides comprehensive and flexible reporting of existing entities to enable project teams to more quickly understand which setups in the new entity should be based on existing records and where the new entity should differ.

Planning New Entities
ConfigSnapshot’s planning capability allows you to include both the new and existing entities in the same plan, download specific data from one or more existing entities into the plan from the E-Business Suite environment, copy any required records to the new entity and transform the data in the new entity (for example to change the company code of chart of accounts values).

At any stage clear documentation for the new entity can be automatically generated for the project team to review progress of the planned setup to ensure it is correct.

Deploying Setup
Once the new entity has been prepared in a ConfigSnapshot plan it can be deployed to the E-Business Suite environment. The implementation plan, showing the order of setups and including any instructional or informational comments can be prepared. Hundreds of steps can be automatically deployed from the plan to the E-Business Suite environment. Other steps can be configured based on the plan details.

Once the entity has been deployed to the E-Business Suite the configuration can be compared to the plan to ensure all setups have been completed correctly. In addition the new entity can be compared to any of the existing entities to ensure any differences are those that are expected.