Patching using ConfigSnapshot

Regular patching is an accepted part of system management for the E-Business Suite, whether this covers fixing issues or applying annual legislative patches for HR and Payroll. Whenever patches are applied the business must coordinated efforts to ensure sufficient testing is carried out prior to applying any patches to Production.

Two key challenges during patching are being able to target testing on areas where the patch has had an effect, either by changing or adding a component or by affecting data, and being able to accurately repeat all actions taken during the patching cycle on each subsequent environment where the patch is applied.

ConfigSnapshot can assist organisations with both of these requirements.

Determine Components Affected
During some patches there may be thousands of components affected, but it is important to be able to target those components that most affect the application functionality. ConfigSnapshot includes a number of patch impact analysis reports that show the effect on any application component during the patching. Filtering allows key components to be identified and components are identified, where possible, by their registered name rather than simply a technical file name. This enables functional teams to identify which affected components are used to be able to prioritise testing. This can help organisations reduce the risk that affected areas are not tested without the need to spend unnecessary time testing areas of the application that have not be affected by the patches.

Understanding the Effects on Application Setups
As well as application components being affected by patches, setup data may also be modified. It is essential any such effects are identified and assessed:
  • Existing implementation setups may be modified by the patch. These must be reviewed to ensure any change is correct and, where not, action taken to resolve the issue.
  • Seeded data may be modified which may have an effect on the associated business process and new seeded data may also need to be considered.

ConfigSnapshot enables you to directly compare application setups as they were pre-patch and as they are post-patch; allowing any changes or additions to be quickly identified. Teams can quickly determine what actions are required to deal with any unexpected effects and to plan effectively based on other changes.

Managing Multiple Iterations
As with upgrades one of the key challenges to patching is the ability to accurately repeat all required steps during each iteration. A missed step could have serious consequences. ConfigSnapshot enables you to directly compare the setups of each iteration of the patching cycle to quickly identifying any differences.